What sets Nichols Cryo Genetics Apart from the rest?

"Proven semen Quality"

With all the operations of the business taking place on site, NCG has the ability to oversee each step of the process to ensure the utmost quality your sire can produce.

  • Pre and post thaw analysis
  • We also provide sexing technology for your sexed semen needs by teaming up with Trans Ova Genetics. Please call or email for more information about sexed semen.
  • Semen storage is also available at your request.
  • CSS & Canada testing for exportable semen
  • Liquid Nitrogen fills
  • To assure safe and timely delivery, we use the newest cryo-shipper units available. All orders shipped SPEEDE Delivery (Iowa, Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, North & South Dakota, Nebraska) FEDEX, and UPS worldwide.
  • Sales of personal Nitrogen storage tanks and A.I. supplies.
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