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MJW Change Up 952G LLSF Uprising Simmental Montana Winther 3596830
Byergo Smartfeed 9470 Byergo Black Magic 3348 Angus Byergo Angus 19756656
JDH Executive Decision 44G W/C Executive Order Simmental Holmes Show Cattle 3715475
ECO Lady Lambeau 7324 RB Active Duty 010 Angus ECO Angus (Esser) 19367283
CSCX Bandwagon 513A TJSC Optimus Prime 12W Simmental Griswold Cattle Co/Minnaert 2757819
MRL Grand Rapids 972G  Punch Limousin Mill Road Limousin (Keyes) NPM2272602
Horn-E-Toad Crossbred Loecke/Horn
SCC SCH 24 Karat 838 SCC Tradition of 24 Angus T Schaeffer/Sterzbach/Van Zee 19262743
Pine View Boomtime P137 Baldridge Bronc Angus Harris/Wessel (Pine View) 18862468
CCS GG Watch For Me 8209 201H Gateway Follow Me F163 Angus C-4 Land & Cattle (Collum)/Grass 19821742
HILB/SHER Data Breach HILB Oracle CO33R Simmental Hilbrand Cattle Co. 3290447
Linz Accuracy 2397-6006 RB Active Duty 010 Angus Ruth Cattle Co 18554315
Cole Homerun 51H ET CELL Envision 7023E Limousin Linhart Limousin/Coleman NXM2290820
BJ Turning Point 9164 Stevenson Turning Point  Angus Lavelock Bros 19780395
Herbster Game On 770 Gaffney Game On 3122 Angus Lavelock Bros 19015903
Linz Forefront 0101 Pine View Forefront Angus Ruth Cattle Co 19666182
Linz Shifting Gears 97122 Linz Shift Gears 6152 Angus Ruth Cattle Co 19622463
AHCC High Stakes 376H AHCC Dakota Thunder 363D Limousin Linhart Limousin/Hager/Buff/Atak 2291380
ECO Lombardi 1512 VAR Discovery 2240 Angus ECO Angus (Esser) 18267894
Voss High Volume 0260 Angus Thomas  Farms (Ron & Sam Thomas) 19934095
Conley No Limit 8188  EXAR Blue Chip 1877B Angus Tim Schaeffer/Conley 19290775
Galaxy Growth Fund 0114 Deer Valley Growth Fund Angus Galaxy Beef LLC/Rancho/Dal Porto 19820258
Musgrave 1676 Fireball 2008 Musgrave 316 Stunner Angus Biggs Angus Farm 19827670
ROSE MC Encore 0463 SSF On Point 4028 Angus Schaeffer 19884689
Collison Alpha 028 Dameron First Class Angus Collison Angus 19893755
BPC Essential Business 35H BOE Gronc Maine  Kelly Cattle Co. 516934
Long's Redwood H8 W/C HOC HCC Red Answer 33B Simmental Fenton Farms Simmentals 3784793
SB/LZF Hector 0006H W/c Relentless 32C Simmental Brad Tobey/Jeff Jochimsen 3748597
Purple Sleepy Joe 80H ET UPS Sensation 2296 ET H Hereford Mullinex 44175138
Here We Go Here I Am Crossbred Austin Line


HCC Whitewater 9010  Mill Brae Identified Angus Leachman/Heim 19870506
Colburn Primo 5153 Dameron First Class Angus Colburn Cattle Co. 18217480
We Need More U Need Me Crossbred Pryor 511688
QHLC The Outlier 900G Profit Simmental Eldon Miller 3601730
HCCF Somewhere In The Middle 0518F WLCF Santana 261X Chi-Angus Cardinal Cattle Co 405889
MRL Exceed 707E MRL X-Rated 014X Limousin Mill Road Limousin (Keyes) NPM2134864
Pretty Boy Floyd Man Among Boys Crossbred Rodgers Cattle Co./Rosa N/A
FRA Ozark 5H Cowans Ali 4M Maine Fraker Show Cattle P516358
Red Six Mile Cornerstone 509C Red U-2 Reckoning 149A Red Angus TLC Livestock (Lind) 3533019
Something About Mary 8421 W/c Relentless 32C Simmental Griswold Cattle Co./Sullivan 3565879
TASF Heineken 405G ET TASF Crown Royal 960C Limousin Linart Limousin LFM2290283
ECO Amplify 2145-8101 Apex Active Duty 1703 Angus ECO Angus (Esser) 19653440
TCA Enhance 957  SydGen Enhance Angus Lyle Gossling 19531722
Duel Impact Icon Maine  Bruce Livestock
CELL Heavy Hitter 0011H Musgrave Headway LimFlex Linhart Limousin LFM2288940
PBS Growth Fund H26 Hook's Eagle 6E Simmental Lees Cattle Company 3802293
ECO Confi Plus 1608-8012 Connealy Confidence Plus Angus ECO Angus (Esser) 19367747
Hoover Elite X8 MOGCK Entice Angus Crawford & Crawford  19822162
Next Episode Primetime Maine Bremer Show Cattle 519302
Maifeld 5013 0009 Maifeld Garming 2093-5013 Angus Al Rosendahl 19744825
MJBC Franchise F806 C28 Gelbvieh Struthers/Skylar Martin AMGV1438051


RWG High-Five 0424 ET RWG Exact Combination 7409 Gelbvieh Ehresman/Stock CDGV173252
WHF/JS/CCS Double Up G365 W/C Double Down Simmental Minnaert/Steenhoek/Wayward  3658592
LT Advantage 8382 TL Mission 5041 Angus Janssen Angus 19251572
JS Keepin It 90 39H CCS/WHF Ol' Son 48F Simmental Steenhoek/XTB Cattle/Fenton 3758584
W/C Relentless 32C Yardley Utah Y361 Simmental H2O Cattle (Trey Hardesty) 3045559
RGLC SULL Reverence 013 SULL RGLC Legacy 525 Shorthorn Mark Gordon 4309475
Gateway Follow Me F163 C&C McKinley 3000 EXAR Angus Minnaert/Steenhoek 19334239
W/C Night Watch 84E CCR Anchor 9071B Simmental Cowan 3336327
FRKG CKCC Platinum Mr CCF 20-20 Simmental Harrell Cattle Co 3809966
Here Em Talkin Here I Am Crossbred Bremer 
TLC MANN Heisman 2005H ET MANN Red Box 55C Red Angus Lind  4343287
Do What's Right Safe N Sound Crossbred Jason Minnaert
W/C Rolex 0135E Yardley Utah Y361 Simmental Jordan Cowan 3336320
Who Da Thought Who Da Man Chianina Roecker/Gabel
Hart Niobrara 9536 Connealy Niobrara 5451 Angus Steele Land & Livestock 19580106
S&S TSSC Limitless 041H Conley No Limits Simmental Tim Schaeffer 3776857
Gone Wild Gone Viral  Chi-Maine Alan McDaniel
Century Headliner 89 KR Casino 6243 Angus Steenhoek/Schmalenberger 19730713
JBSF Logic 5E W/C Relentless 32C Simmental Steenhoek/Schmalenberger 3337441
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