Current in House

Main Barn

S&R Roundtable J328 Plainview Lutton E102 Angus  Express Ranch AAA+17573679
Red Rocky 2 Monopoly Crossbred Phil Lautner
2K Class Act 875  EXAR Classen 1422E  Angus  Keene/2K Cattle 18182214
SULL Revolution 4383  SULL Right Direction ET Shorthorn  Jason Minnaert AR4235705 
GAR OAF Ingenuity 1123G GAR Ingenuity Angus  Young's Agri Service Inc. 17363635
Monopoly 7  Heat Wave  Crossbred Phil Lautner 
Class on Class Daddy's Money  Maine Anjou Jason Minnaert 488344
Not For Sale  Crossbred  Heckman/Onion
Brockmere Reflection 1033 Connealy Reflection Angus  Young's Agri Service Inc. 17044457
Colburn Primo 5153  Dameron First Class  Angus  Colburn Cattle Company  18217480
King of Hearts Crossbred Rick Frye
U Need Me Whos Destiny Chianina Pryor 382281
Mr CCF Clarified E3 Mr CCF 20-20 Simmental  Hafner 3275273
SydGen Rock Star 7595 SydGen Rock Star 3461 Angus  Lazy H Ranch (Mark Rohr) 19136633
GSC GCCO Dew North 102C HTP/SVF Duracell T52 Simmental  Glacier Cattle/Griswold/Gerdes 3141837
Leveldale Reload 660D ET  Muridale Jaxson 4A Shorthorn  Leveldale Farms  4242968
Ruby SWC Gentleman's Jack D666 TLLC One Eyed Jack  Simmental  Ben Danner  3134708
TR Mr Outkast 6605D M&M Outsider 4003 PLD Charolais Boyert  M879418

Second Barn

Apex Active Duty 1703 RB Active Duty 010 Angus Riley Brothers/ECO Angus  17592258
CD Recoil 6105 P LT Reward 2348 PLD Charolais Hagen M891660
WC Uncharted 7328 P CCC WC Recource 417 P Charolais Wright Charolais M898749
Maternal Made Mercedes Benz Maine Anjou Griswold Cattle 459900
JBSF Gavel 9D Mr. TR Hammer 308A ET Simmental John Sandidge  3368600
WC Total Rush 3044 P LT Rushmore 8060 PLD Charolais Wright Charolais M832388
Watch Me Work  No Worries Shorthorn  Jason Minnaert AR4233203
RB Without a Doubt 6637 Hoover No Doubt Angus Riley Brothers/Andy Bishop 18907481
Here I Am Walks Alone Crossbred Rodgers Cattle Co.
JBSF Road Trip 213D RLYF Roll Tide A429 Simmental Jim Bloomberg 3133021

Third Barn

TOG Chippewa 35610-ET Hartford Josup Beyond-ET Holstein ProGentus 840003145629184
NMR New Beginning ET Merceded Benz Maine Anjou Griswold Cattle  486141
NLC Gen Ten 82E NLC Progressive 40C Simmental Wildberry Farms  3317984
NO-FLA TOG Sioux 35357-ET DG Charley  Holstein ProGentus 840003143021986
Mr HOC Broker SVF Steel Force Simmental Griswold Cattle 2531081
TOG KIOWA U836 8459 ET IHG Ponder Ethics ET Holstein ProGentus 840003143160056
Daddy's Money I-80  Maine Anjou Griswold-Rodgers Cattle Co 427013
PVF The Natural 7042  PVF Insight 0129  Angus  PVF/Griswold/Webster  18944886
SAV Cicuit Breaker  SAV Recharge  34336  Angus  Topf 18911225
5T Powerchip 4790  EXAR Blue Chip   Angus  Conley  17956297
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