Current in House

Main Barn

SAV Achilles 8886 SAV Cutting Edge 4857 Angus Topf 19250930
C&L RR KJ 364C Jalapeno 973E R Leader 6964 P Herefod Reynolds/MSU/Reed P43844129
C-Bar-RJ Reckoning 105B C-Bar Anticipation 101W Red Angus Polzin 1723361
W/C Night Watch 84E CCR Anchor 9071B Simmental Cowan 3336327
Ruby NFF Justified 883F LLSF Pays to Believe Simmental John Sandidge 3464948
ECO Lady Lambeau 7324 (Active) RB Active Duty 010 Angus Esser 19367283
Conley GCC Shocker C19 Mr TR Hammer 308A Simmental Griswold Cattle Co. 3001411
Linz Absolute 8273 KFC Bennett Absolute Angus Linz Heritage Angus 19271518
Linz F Paymaster 7212 Basin Payweight 1682 Angus Linz Hertiage Angus 18925970
Linz Colonel 8617 Baldridge Colonel C521 Angus Linz Heritage Angus 19542091
FHEN Halftime A127 SAV Brilliance 8077 Simmental Bloomberg 2884737
PSCS Vanderbilt 1038 LLSF Pays to Believe Simmental G Schaeffer/Meyer/Lemenager 3608365
CCMM Full Tilt 803F Dual Threat 305A Maine Anjou Griswold Cattle Co. 495115
BCR Perfect Vision F022 Mr CCF 20-20 Simmental Hicks 3516009
H/C - W/C Fast Lane 9085G Rubys Turnpike 771E Simmental Hicks 3667480
Hart No Doubt 9533 Hoover No Doubt  Angus Simons Cattle Co. 19589455
KANE Boulevard 679G Leveldale Boardwalk 530C Shorthorn Aegerter/Berg 4294144
KANE Catwalk 685G Leveldale Boardwalk 530C Shorthorn Aegerter 4294145
ECO Ampilfy 2145-8101 Apex Active Duty 1703 Angus ECO Angus 19653440
ECO Double Down 1502-9024 Spring Crove Reno 4021 Angus ECO Angus 19663855
ECO Next Step 2145-9034 VAR Legend 5019 Angus ECO Angus 19665292
NST GAT H 54B Ray 30F ET NJW 135U 10Y Hometown  P Hereford Torrance Herefords 43957955
KLER Linebacker 05G K-LER Statesman 738E Simmental K-LER Cattle Co. 3607939
KLER Promoter G15 Rubys Turnpike 771E Simmental K-LER Cattle Co. 3163881
MINN Consider It Done 943G ET Silveiras Style Maine Anjou Minnaert 507789
Linz Master Plan 8665 ICC Master Plan Angus Linz Heritage Angus 19534312
TRN Omaha 79 Free K-Kim Hot Commodity Shorthorn Greenhorn 4251329
Linz Colonel 8823 Baldridge Colonel C521 Angus Linz Heritage Angus 19443216
Pine View Ashland F452 GAR Ashland Angus Moon Creek Farms  19416683
Six Mile Parabellum 675G Six Mile John Wick 882E Red Angus Six Mile Angus/Ward/Robinson 4161396
CARD Patriot 23G W/C Bankroll 811D Simmental Cardinal Cattle Co 3642999
Smooth Whiskey Irish Whiskey Maine Anjou Lautner Farms F507268
KCW Cottonwood 38G ET BR Moler ET P Hereford Wilson Farms P44012969
Peace of Mind 4G No Worries Maine Anjou Minnaert 500033
Longs Came To Play G63 Longs The Player Simmental Williams Brothers Simmentals 3638252
BSC Freedom 147F ET MINN Live Action 203Y Maine Anjou Beauprez Land & Cattle 500972
BKMT Game On 227G BOE Garth Maine Anjou Griswold Cattle Co. 505128
WLE Black Mamba G203 WLE Copacetic E02 Simmental Wesner/XTB Cattle 3615549

Second Barn

Simply Safe Daddy's Money Crossbred Lautner Farms 496892
RBM Appearance E164 Freys Apprearance Angus Simons Cattle Co. 18870341
ICC Aviator 167-7142 Musgrave Aviator Angus Linz Heritage Angus 18954105
Linz Accuracy 8932 Linz Accuracy 2397-6006 Angus Linz Heritage Angus 19438740
Crawford Front Range 8006 Crawford Front Range Angus Crawford/Beef 360 19209828
BOE Gronc ET BOE Epic Maine Anjou Beauprez Land & Cattle 495661
Linz President 8901 SAV President 6847 Angus Linz Heritage Angus 19450777
Maternal Made Mercedes Benz Maine Anjou Griswold Cattle 459900
Colburn Primo 5153 Dameron First Class Angus Colburn Cattle Co. 18217480
RJL FBF 22C Dealer 1822 JTH SS Playmaker 22C ET P Hereford Bill Widerman 44023654
SCC SCH 24 Karat 838 SCC Tradition of 24 Angus Schaeffer 19262743
Pretty Boy Floyd Man Among Boys Crossbred Rodgers Cattle Co./Rosa N/A
CELL Guard House 9300G PBRS Bunk House 48B Limousin Guard House Syndicate/Linhart LFM2172390
Style 2 Angus Griswold Cattle Co
W/C Bullseye 3046A Remington Lock N Load Simmental Hicks Cattle Co. 2790164
TMAS Can't Touch This 8531F  Mr TR Hammer 308A Simmental Schaeffer/Josh Elder/Thomas 3489450
OMF/DK Guiness G67 WS All Aboard B80 Simmental Select Sires 3615290
TREB Mr Houston 138F BOE Garth Maine Anjou Phil Launter Farms 491206
MAV Excel 665D  H Excel 8051 ET P Hereford Weeping Fox Ranch Vogel) P43954559
2K Enhance 559 SydGen Enhance Angus 2K Cattle (Rettalick) 19522016
UDE Something to Talk About Silveiras Style 9303 Chianina Bennett 394737

Third Barn

Duello Icon 802F BOE Epic Maine Anjou Phil Launter Farms 502063
Meadow Lawn Lucky KM Obligation 259 Angus Lenzendorf 18236828
Seldom Rest Sandman 6075  EXAR Classen 1422B Angus Griswold Cattle Co. 18585679
MLA Full Power 720 PA Full Power 1208 Angus Lenzendorf 19175921
KMJ Husker 814 Profit Simmental Griswold Cattle Co. 3542175
Laflins Marvel 1801 PVF Insight 0129 Angus Joe Mather 19091613
JBSF Logic 5E W/C Relentless 32C Simmental Steenhoek/Bloomberg 3337441
Gateway Follow Me F163 C&C McKinley 3000 EXAR Angus Minnaert/Steenhoek 19334239
Something About Mary 8421 W/c Relentless 32C Simmental Griswold Cattle Co./Sullivan 3565879
LCDR Favor 149F LCDR Witness 541C Simmental Schooley 3491054
TOG Platinum 36721 - ET CDF Viceroy -ET Jersey ProGentus 3149715810
JBSF Berwick 41F Rocking P Legendary Simmental Bloomberg  3462584
RB Chain Breaker 99 Connealy Blackhawk 6198 Angus Stone Creek Angus 19531439
TOG Copper 36735 - ET CDF Viceroy -ET Jersey ProGentus 3149715824
TOG Lead 36903 - ET CAL-MART Medalist Pilgrim Jersey ProGentus 3149715992
TOG Bronze 36673 - ET CAL-MART Medalist Pilgrim Jersey ProGentus 3149715762
TOG Iron 36896 - ET CDF Viceroy -ET Jersey ProGentus 3149715985
TOG Magnesium W961 8664 ET CDF  Viceroy- ET Jersey ProGentus 840003200059621
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