Current in House

Main Barn

S&R Roundtable J328 Plainview Lutton E102 Angus Express Ranch AAA+17573679
JS Continental Divide 7J05 ET NBS Low Rider 42W ET Shorthorn Blake Lehman 4252384
Leveldale Reload 660D ET Muridale Jaxson 4A Shorthorn Leveldale Farms 4242968
AH JDH Munson 15E ET JDH Victor 719T 33Z ET P Hereford Perks Ranch 43803648
SULL Current Commodity 7630E Free K-Kim Hot Commodity Shorthorn Sullivan Farms 4274836
W/C Executive Order 8543B W/C United 956Y Simmental Hilbrand Cattle Co. 2900283
HILB/SHER Data Breach HILB Oracle C033R Simmental Hilbrand Cattle Co. 3290447
PAL/CLAC Meant To Me 823E Mr HOC Broker Simmental Rodgers/Campbell/Paulson 3372380
SCC Honor 7536 VAR Discovery 2240 Angus Marks Family Purebreds 19197791
HB Saxon 797 HB Guyman 485 Angus Horsley Bros. 18899941
Hara's Distinction 10C Mr TR Hammer 308A Simmental Jeff Paulsen 3083878
MINN Hybrid 101D ET Silveiras Style 9303 Maine Anjou Griswold/Minnaert 476482
SAT Boomtown 8303 P ET RBM Fargo Y111 Charolais Satterfield Charolais EM915445
JBSF Logic 5E W/C Relentless 32C Simmental Bloomberg/JS Simmentals 3337441
Purple Cobain 30D ET  CCR 719 Catapult 109 P Hereford Mullinex 43726848
W/C Just Saying 4519F CDI Innovator 325D Simmental Guthridge/Blue 3499384
THSR Kong F848 LFE The Riddler 323B Simmental Heartland Simmental (Lynch) 3479724
WMCC Mayhem 810F  MR CCF 20-20 Simmental Willie Morrie 3425186
ML MVP 23E ET NMR Maternal Made Maine Anjou Martin Livestock 486956
Conley Turning Point 8125 Stevenson Turning Point Angus Doug Schroeder 19248019
Conley Blue Chip 8201 EXAR Blue Chip 1877B Angus Neal Siela 1920771
SC Pay The Price C11 Pays to Dream Simmental Gateway Genetics 2988788
S&R Stability J824  Silveiras Style 9303 Angus TC Reds 19190096
Clean Money Fu Man Chu Maine Anjou Rodgers Cattle Co. 475249
TLC E-SIG 777E Six Mile Signature 295B Red Angus Lind 3875315
JSUL Who Dat Class 7020E ASHW Who Da Man Chianina Sullivan Farms 392600
HALB Lutton 18F EXAR Lutton 1831 Angus Halbach 19358441
Well Played May-Way Play It Safe Crossbred Plendl/Competitive Edge N/A
Liberty's Hank 6002 NSH Liberty Blaze Mini Hereford VanWinkle 43635062
WB The Sauce PVF SWSN 809 Colburn Primo 5153 Angus Ward Bros. 19172929
Outspoken Simmental Campbell N/A
801 Maine Anjou Campbell N/A
Big Shooter Fu Man Chu Chi-Maine Ferguson Cattle Co. N/A
AF VF Fast Track 835 ET  Turnercrld Deception 2 Shorthorn Matt Vaughn 4272614
LLSF Vantage Point F398 CCR Anchor 907B Simmental Woodlawn (Rich Wood) 3492381
ONeills Supremecy 48 Oneills Black Bardolier Angus Maifeld 19201035
2TK Perks 5101 Cadillac 8039 ET C 5280 Diversified 6121 ET P Hereford Perks Ranch 43936906
Longs Pay to Play F11 Pays to Believe ZU194 Simmental Mleynek/Deardorff/Bauer 3472591

Second Barn

HIGG Franchise 868F HIGG Clockwork 88C Chianina Sullivan Farms 395151
JBSF Road Trip 213D RLYF Roll Tide A429 Simmental Jim Bloomberg 3133021
WC Uncharted 7328 P CCC WC Recource 417 P Charolais Wright Charolais M898749
GSC GCCO Dew North 102C HTP/SVF Duracell T52 Simmental Glacier/Griswold/Gerdes 3141837
Maternal Made Mercedes Benz Maine Anjou Griswold Cattle 459900
RB Independence 818 Hoover No Doubt Angus Rex Pfaff 19226739
Here I Am Walks Alone Crossbred Rodgers Cattle Co. N/A
JBSF Gavel 9D Mr TR Hammer 308A ET Simmental John Sandidge 3368600
Monopoly 7 Heat Wave Crossbred Phil Lautner ACA334048 
CD Recoil 6105 P LT Reward 2348 PLD Charolais Hagen M891660
I-80 Ali Maine Anjou Phil Lautner 400082
RB Anthem 834 Hoover No Doubt Angus Mike Lenzendorf 19226740
Exit Ramp SLC Sooner 101M Maine Anjou Charlie Wilson 465343
Byergo Maverick 8400 HA Cowboy Up 5405 Angus Byergo Angus 19202433
Linz Shifting Gears 6152 Musgrave Aviator Angus Linz Heritage Angus 18796101
Connealy Nite Watch 758T Basin Payweight 1682 Angus Graff 18871775
May We All Daddy's Money Maine Anjou Rodgers Cattle Co. 472785
PVF Blacklist 7077 PVF Insight 7077 Angus Schaeffer/PVF 18944889
Crawford Front Range 8006 Connealy Western Front Angus Beef 360 19209828
B-C Infinite Wisom 8004F HILB Oracle C033R Simmental Hilbrand Cattle Co. 3440341
JBSF Berwick 41F Rocking P Legendary C918 Simmental Bloomberg 3462584

Third Barn

TOG Chippewa 35610-ET Hartford Josup Beyond-ET Holstein ProGentus ############
SAV Circuit Breaker 7136 SAV Recharge 34336 Angus Topf/Flying M/Marlatt 18911225
5T Powerchip 4790 EXAR Blue Chip Angus Conley 17956297
KR Casino 6243 CFCC Black Jack 001 Angus Badger Creek Cattle 18624063
TOG KIOWA U836 8459 ET IHG Ponder Ethics ET Holstein ProGentus ############
Colburn Primo 5153 Dameron First Class Angus Colburn Cattle Co. 18217480
NO-FLA TOG Sioux 35357-ET DG Charley Holstein ProGentus ############
Daddy's Money I-80 Maine Anjou Griswold-Rodgers Cattle Co 427013
WC Total Rush 3044 P LT Rushmore 8060 PLD Charolais Wright Charolais M832388
W/C Night Watch 84E CCR Anchor 9071B Simmental Cowan 3336327
We Need More U Need Me Crossbred Pryor/Competitve Edge N/A
SHER The Wood 83F BC Lookout 7024 Angus Sherwood Cattle Co. 19268169
Mr HOC Broker SVF Steel Force Simmental Griswold Cattle 2531081
Wynne In Doubt Here I Am Crossbred Rodgers Cattle Co. N/A
Gateway Follow Me F163 C&C McKinley 3000 EXAR Angus Minnaert/Steenhoek 19334239
Good As It Gets Maternal Made Maine Anjou Rodgers Cattle Co. 498883
Risk It For The Bisciut Here I Am Crossbred Rodgers Cattle Co. N/A
W/C Rolex 0135E  Yardley Utah Y361 Simmental Cowan 3336320
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