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CELL 818 Resposado 1126J CLSL Creed 5042C Limousin Linhart/Jones Bros LFM2432174
Insight 815   Angus John Sachau  
Red Northline Tucker 54E Red Northline Atlantic City R Angus TC Reds 3993222
Harkers Unleashed H230 Silveiras Style 9303 Simmental Harker/JS/Minnaert 3773312
Gateway Follow Me F163 C&C McKinley 3000 EXAR Angus Minnaert/Steenhoek 19334239
J2R Resource 144J Red MRLA Resource 137E R Angus TC Reds 4473325
Compton's How It's Done JF Teapot Shorthorn Jim Compton x4331318
COLE Cadillac 04J COLE Cadillac 05c Limousin Faidley Farms NXM2378278
FADE Jameson 01J LSF SRR Guardian 8005F R Angus Faidley Farms 4494153
LLW Cardinal Crossover 236J Somewhere In The Middle Chianina Cardinal Cattle Co 410511
Brooking Steadfast 1082 SAV Renovation 6822 Angus Jon Janssen 2202727
ECO Lombardi J086 ECO Lomardi 1512 Angus ECO Angus 20280397
ECO Reno J084 Spring Cove Reno 4021 Angus ECO Angus 20277431
ECO Reno J159 Spring Cove Reno 4021 Angus ECO Angus 20280403
BCC Black Balance 15H BTBR Saguaro 8111F Gelbvieh Nathan Goedken AMGV1502609
Roseda Ultra Provider J742 SEO Ultra Provider Angus Soaring Eagle (Gower) 20029308
Williams Home Town 700-264 GAR Home Town Angus Soaring Eagle (Gower) 20015240
SULL Dream Maker 9141G SULL Red Knight 2030 Shorthorn Hugh Moore 4295124
OMF Rest Assured J18 OMF Epic E27 Simmental Hicks (King)/OMF 3953617
Five Star Jackson J10 Hook's Full Figures 11F Simmental Larry Drake/Jared Seinola 3947790
SCO Golden Truax 101J SULL Red Reward 9321 Shorthorn Beau Stewart xAR432071
Pine View Omega H9 Pine View Alpha Angus Clay Mudge & Jason Zumbrunnen 19789849
Pine View Boomtime H184 Pine View Boomtime Angus Steve Stratford 19811440
UHC Centaurus 8F MCR Crazy Train Aberdeen Aaron Wollers 41315
UHC All Star 06H MCR All Aboard Aberdeen Aaron Wollers 44541
UHC Neron H051   Aberdeen Aaron Wollers  
MSF Buffalo Center G072J GAR Home Town Angus Meinders Stock Farm 20106243
RVR Rogue 530H (Lot 10) Hook's Eagle 6E Simmental High Ridge Farms (Bruce Cuddy) 3923371
Deppe SFF Full Spectrum 160 Panther CR Incredible 6704 Angus Ross/Dennis Deppe 20119151
Next Level 4041J KRJ Dakota Outlaw G974 Simmental Boyert Cattle 3981484
Cardinal Warranty 901J Crawford Guarantee 901J Angus Cardinal Cattle Co 20198682
SAV Legacy 1295 SAV Downpour 8794 Angus Wernimont Farms 20157793
Anything Goes   Crossbred Nolan Ferguson/Joe Piffer  
TSSC End Game 601J TJSC End Game 61G Maine Beauprez Land & Cattel 529825
Boyd Prominent 1043 Connealy Confidence Plus Angus Bloomberg/Boyd/Seldom Rest 20040780
Lets Roll   Simmental John Sachau  
LLSF On Point J148 LLSF Vantage Point F398 Simmental Jerry Lee/Purdue University 3991681
J6 We The People 411J ET WLR Final Call ET Limousin Schaeffer Show Cattle LFM2451385
Chestnut Perfect Timing 341 S&R Stability J824 Angus Schaeffer Show Cattle/Chestnut 20095128


EB Dutton B949 Sitz Resilient 10208 Angus Nathan Heim/Mike Brummel 20142230
B/R Comrade 5176 Connealy Comrade 1385 Angus D&D Angus (Denny Beckman) 18144811
3 Aces Crushing Hearts G879 SHF Absolute 1508 Charolais 3 Aces Cattle (Lydell Meier) M939572
Weis All Me 10F MINN Live Action 203Y Maine Phil Halbach 498989
Rossman Home Town J14 GAR Home Town Angus ECO Angus (Esser) 20008324
Collison Alpha 025 Dameron First Class Angus Collison Angus/Zane Ward 19893755
HCC Identified 026 Mill Brae Identified 4031 Angus Billy Dierks/Heim Cattle Co. 20043234
WLE Copacetic E02 HPT Quantum Leap Z952 Simmental Wesner/Moody/Red River 3299037
Who Da Thought Who Da Man Chiannina Roecker/Gabel  
NIO Progressive 1179 Six Mile John Wick R Angus Zane Ward/Layne Robinson 4520451
Duel Impact Duello Icon Maine Bruce Livestock  
KLD Chosen One 980G SS Sir Gene M Hereford Bruce Thorson P4419635
Byergo Smartfeed 9470 Byergo Black Magic 3348 Angus Byergo Angus 19756656
LGF SULL Ruby's Dream 1228J SULL Dream Maker 9141G Shorthorn Wayne Krom/Sullivan 4334093
DC NBCC Jamison 125 CCC WC Resource 417 P Charolais Ty Dybdal M953221
DBRG Rippin 0209H Twister 451B Gelbvieh Skylar Martin AMGV1484646
ALL/FCF Hot Topic 099H Profit Simmental Adcock Land & Livestock 3926810
WC Big Move 6144P ET WC Big Ben 9036 P Charolais Ty Dybdal EM882581
BAS Money Maker J801 Hooks Eagle 6E Simmental Michael Bielenberg 3978845
Horn-E-Toad   Crossbred Loecke  
LSF EXC Call of Duty 9065G HXC Allegiance 5502C R Angus Glienke 4250593


Gilman's Liberty Valance Leveldale Cowboy Up 820F Shorthorn Bowman/Gilman AR4317661
LTS Hotz Exclusive 5J KCC1 Exclusive 116E Simmental Heartland (Lynch)/Whitaker/Klein 3900593
S&R Stability J824 Silveiras Style 9303 Angus TC Reds 19190096
Long's/WBRO Hired Gun J100 W/C Loaded Up 1119Y Simmental Williams Brothers Simmentals 3960011
MINN Moving Forward 180J Gateway Follow Me Angus Minnaert/Steenhoek 529448
Hill Valley Reckoning 931 Young Dale Believe 46B Angus Sam & Jack Henderson 19721994
PCC Force of Nature 122J ET CCC WC Redemption Charolais Will Blankers EM961978
WHF/JS/CCS Double Up G365 W/C Double Down Simmental Minnaert/Steenhoek/Wayward 3658592
FRKG CKCC Platinum 009H ET Mr CCF 20-20 Simmental Harrell Cattle Co 3809966
FFS JNR Hard Knox H034 W/C Fort Knox Simmental Jeremie Ruble 3794725
Perks RF 4Z Poncho 1037 ET 2TK Perks 5101 Chuma 8184 P Hereford Perks Ranch/Abby Hill Farms 44270582
TLAC Safety First 1913J Gold Standard Maine-Angus Minnaert Show Cattle 525753
H20s Relentless Clone H1 Yardley Utah Y361 Simmental H2O Cattle (Trey Hardesty) 3858389
Baldridge Jordan J186 Mill Brae Identified 4031 Angus Linz/Double Barrel 20046714
Jensen Virtual 003 FAF FCC Colburn Primo 5153 Angus Jensen Angus (Cody Jensen) 19875087
Topp Standout 1072 S S Niagara Z29 Angus Eric Ehersman 20131233
WHF Entourage H450 KCC1 Exclusive 116E Simmental Boyert 3924201
SAV Panther 1906 SAV Quarterback 7933 Angus Voss Angus 20157824
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