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Byergo Smartfeed 9470 Byergo Black Magic 3348 Angus Byergo Angus 19756656
Galaxy Detail 8546 Diablo Deluxe 1104 Angus Galaxy Beef LLC 19403363
KLD Chosen One 980G  SS Sire Gene P Hereford Thorson P44129635
Schaack 12F5 5038 Rito 12F5 of 9044 Rito 5M2 Angus Daniel Beckman 18301053
GHC Reagan 9012 LT Blue Value 7903 Charolais Tom Cannon EM928719
ECO Lady Lambeau 7324 RB Active Duty 010 Angus ECO Angus (Esser) 19367283
JDH Executive Decision 44G W/C Executive Order Simmental Holmes Show Cattle 3715475
Plum Creek Refresh 561A Gambles Hot Rod Angus Phil Halbach 18265230
GCS Fuel Your Instincts (FYI) CSF Evolution HC Shorthorn GT Farms (Glen Thompson) 4302952
BHF 21Z Every Storm 58C RH 230 Storm ET 61Y P Hereford Bill Goehring 436207777
Weis All Me 10F MINN Live Action 203Y Maine Anjou Phil Halbach 498989
MRL Exceed 707E MRL X-Rated 014X Limousin Mill Road Limousin (Keyes) NPM2134864
Wilks 8'72 WAR Cavarly B063 Z044 Angus Linz Heritage Angus 19397309
Linz Accuracy 2397-6006 RB Active Duty 010 Angus Ruth Cattle Co 18554315
C-4 Cornerstone 593 Dameron First Class Angus Rick Frye 18729330
SYES Backdrop 171B DLVL Xerox 023x Limousin Mill Road Limousin (Keyes) NPM2051293
Linz Forefront 0101 Pine View Forefront Angus Ruth Cattle Co 19666182
Linz Shifting Gears 97122 Linz Shift Gears 6152 Angus Ruth Cattle Co 19622463
ECO Amplify 2145-8101 Apex Active Duty 1703 Angus ECO Angus (Esser) 19653440
C&L RR KJ 364C Jalapeno 973E R Leader 69644 P Hereford Reynolds/MSU/Reed P43844129
ECC Red Dirt Stevens Mr Zeth 123Z Maine-Anjou Ebersole 509568
DSUL I Am The Man Who Da Man Chianina Rodney Rod  404028
LT Advantage 8382 TL Mission 5041 Angus Janssen Angus 19251572
JKLS SULL Charmer 218G ET TASF Crown Royal 960C ET Limousin Ratliff/Sullivan Farms NPM2326430
GSC Wild Bill 636H Gateway Follow Me F163 Simmental Eric Gerdes 3796360
JTVM Freedom 950G  HXC Decloration 5504C Red Angus JVM Cattle (VanderMolen) 4273555
CX3 Romeo 109 ET KAP Teddys Versa M Hereford Sandy Acres (Pagenkopf) 44026393
S&S TSSC Limitless 041H Conley No Limits Simmental Tim Schaeffer 3776857
Here Em Talkin Here I Am Crossbred Bremer 
Harkers Unleashed H230 Silveiras Style 9303 Simmental Harker 3773312


Art King Breeze DF Majestic King M Hereford Jason Boyle N/A
Colburn Primo 5153 Dameron First Class Angus Colburn Cattle Co. 18217480
H/C - W/C Fast Lane 9085G Ruby Turnpike 771E Simmental Purdue University 3667480
Pretty Boy Floyd Man Among Boys Crossbred Rodgers Cattle Co./Rosa N/A
We Need More U Need Me Crossbred Pryor 511688
ECO Confi Plus 1608-8012 Connealy Confidence Plus Angus ECO Angus (Esser) 19367747
Bushs Wing Man 201 Bushs Date Night 62 Angus Cardinal Cattle Co 19255224
Longs Pay To Play F11 LLSF Pays To Believe ZU194 Simmental Mleynek/Deardorf 3472591
Something About Mary 8421 W/c Relentless 32C Simmental Griswold Cattle Co./Sullivan 3565879
SULL Dream Maker 9141 ET SULL Red Knight 2030 Shorthorn Sullivan Farms 4295124
Hercules Crossbred Taylor Graham N/A
Ruby SWC Gentleman's Jack D666 TLLC One Eyed Jack Simmental Danner 3134708
JBSF Logic 5E W/C Relentless 32C Simmental Steenhoek/Bloomberg Stock 3337441
TMCK Hertiage 772H CJSL Creed 5042C Limousin Hammel Farms LFM2279483
GSC Savage 9G W/C Relentless 32C Simmental Eric Gerdes/XTB Cattle 3595015
Mr Steal Your Girl 915G  Silveiras Style 9303 Maine-Angus Ryan Barner 508008
STF/DSF Brimstone EC70 (FOR SALE) CCR Wide Range 9005A Simmental Steenhoek/Knievel/Volk 3276061
Herb Crossover G475 PA Up Stream 001 Angus Byergo Angus 19650313
Chewbacca Crossbred Jason Boyle N/A
Mr. CCF Clarified E3 Mr CCF 20-20 Simmental The Clarified Group 3275273
Linz Confidence Plus 0241 Connealy Confidence Plus Angus Nelson 19703082


WHF/JS/CCS Double Up G365 W/C Double Down Simmental Steenhoek/Wayward  3658592
SSTO Guns N Roses 9408G ET TASF Crown Royal 960C ET Limousin Ron Freed NPM227068
JS Keepin It 90 39H CCS/WHF Ol' Son 48F Simmental Steenhoek/XTB Cattle/Fenton 3758584
C Triple Your Miles 8124 C Double Your Miles 6077 ET B Hereford Smith Black Hereford HB014436
Century Headliner 89 KR Casino 6243 Angus Steenhoek/Schmalenberger 19730713
Hill Valley Reckoning 931 Young Dale Believe 46B Angus Sam & Jack Henderson 19721994
Gateway Follow Me F163 C&C McKinley 3000 EXAR Angus Minnaert/Steenhoek 19334239
W/C Relentless 32C Yardley Utah Y361 Simmental H2O Cattle (Trey & Brenda Hardesty) 3045559
Going Goin Gone Gone Viral  Chi-Maine Alan McDaniel
DR Mr Outrageous 64G M&M Outsider 4003 Charolais Rooney Derrer EM925897
W/C Night Watch 84E CCR Anchor 9071B Simmental Cowan 3336327
Gone Wild Gone Viral  Chi-Maine Alan McDaniel
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