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BA7 Oaks Confidential H8 Connealy Confidence Plus Angus Nate Pachan 19661229
SCC SCH 24 Karat 838 SCC Tradition of 24 Angus T Schaeffer/Sterzbach/Van Zee 19262743
ECO Ajax 9015  Angus ECO Angus (Esser)
JBSF Logic 5E W/C Reletless 32C Simmental Bloomberg/JS Simmentals 3337441
ECO Lady Lambeau 7324 RB Active Duty 010 Angus ECO Angus (Esser) 19367283
Keys Ballyhoo 77D Keys Progressive 170Z Charolais Kisner M880925
Longs Pay To Play F11 LLSF Pays To Believe Simmental Mleynek/Deardorff 3472591
Something About Mary 8421 W/C Relentless 32C Simmental Griswold Cattle Co./Sullivan 3565879
TJ Power Play 422H Hook's Eagle 6E Simmental Harris/Triange J 3762939
ECO Protégé 9030 Angus ECO Angus (Esser)
FFS JNR Hard Knox H034 W/C Fort Knox Simmental Jeremie Ruble 3794725
We Need More U Need Me Crossbred Adam Pryor 511688
HCC Whitewater 9010 Mill Brae Identified Angus Leachman/Heim 19870506
TRN Omaha 79 Free K-Kim Hot Commodity Shorthorn Greenhorn Cattle Co. 4251329
BSC Freedom 147F ET MINN Live Action 203Y Maine Van Vleit/Beauprez 500972
CCS GG Watch For Me 8209 201H Gateway Follow Me F163 Angus C-4 Land & Cattle (Collum)/Grass 19821742
SAV Landmark 9148 SAV Territory 7225 Angus Voss Angus 19542356
Weis All Me 10F MINN Live Action 203Y Maine Phil Halbach 498989
Purple El Padrino 123H ET Golden Oak Outcross 18U P Hereford Purple Reign Cattle (Mullinex) P44220928
RCI ACC Stay Cool S004 GEF  Byergo Black Magic 3348 R Angus Acceligin 4410061
C4 Kash 39G  Kane Captain 10B Shorthorn C4 Show Cattle (Chapman) 4286686
SAS Timber 359G KOCH Big Timber 685D Simmental Patterson 3718231
GO King E33 K King 400 P Hereford Bill Goehring P43796790
C-Bar Just Right 0225H PIE Just Right 540 R Angus Shoal Creek 4378973
Six Mile Parabellum 675G Six Mile John Wick 882E R Angus Six Mile Red Angus/Robinson/Ward 4161396


Byergo Silver Bullet 0514 GB Fireball 672 Angus Byergo Angus 19750319
ECO Confi Plus 1608-8012 Connealy Confidence Plus Angus ECO Angus (Esser) 19367747
Who Da Thought Who Da Man Chiannina Roecker/Gabel
Century Headliner 89 KR Casino 6243 Angus Schmallenberger 19730713
Linz Accuracy 2397-6006 RB Active Duty 010 Angus Ruth Cattle Co 18554315
Linz Forefront 0101 Pine View Forefront Angus Ruth Cattle Co 19666182
Linz Shifting Gears 97122 Linz Shift Gears 6152 Angus Ruth Cattle Co 19622463
WLE Copacetic E02 HPT Quantum Leap Z952 Simmental Wesner/Moody/Red River 3299037
JDH Executive Decision 44G W/C Executive Order Simmental Holmes Show Cattle 3715475
DJF Gordon 671G DJF Derek 566D Saler Silver Spur Salers 734855
Byergo Smartfeed 9470 Byergo Black Magic 3348 Angus Byergo Angus 19756656
Linz Enhance 9622 SydGen Enhance Angus Ruth Cattle Co. 19548557
DBRG Rippin 0209H Twister 451B Gelbvieh Skylar Martin AMGV1484646
BTYI Doc Holliday 202G W/C Loaded Up 1119Y Simmental Baty Livestock 3565419
TMGC SB Cactus 27H BTBR Saguaro 8111F Gelbvieh Seedstock Plus AMGV1483523
ECO Steadfast H007 Angus ECO Angus (Esser)
DJF Grafton 243G DJF Border Line 815A Saler Silver Spur Salers 734700


JS Keepin It 90 39H CCS/WHF Ol' Son 48F Simmental Steenhoek/XTB Cattle/Fenton 3758584
WHF/JS/CCS Double Up G365 W/C Double Down Simmental Minnaert/Steenhoek/Wayward  3658592
W/C Relentless 32C Yardley Utah Y361 Simmental H2O Cattle (Trey Hardesty) 3045559
SAV Pancho Villa 0147 SAV Renovation 6822 Angus Voss Angus 19860247
Gateway Follow Me F163 C&C McKinley 3000 EXAR Angus Minnaert/Steenhoek 19334239
Golden Dawn No Doubt 17G Golden Dawn Yuma Simmental Golden Dawn Farms (Stanley Martins) 3738063
CLRS Guardian 317G Hook's Beacon 56B Simmental Guardian Group (Lynch/Morris) 3563436
Hill Valley Reckoning 931 Young Dale Believe 46B Angus Sam & Jack Henderson 19721994
Golden Dawn No Doubt 17G Golden Dawn Yuma Simmental Golden Dawn Farms (Stanley Martins) 3738063
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